Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Circumscribing Subpoenas

Circumscribing Subpoenas
(A Freudian Trip through Bush Land)
By Mark Lysgaard

Bush rejects the subpoena threats
Since he hates looking at his subpoenas.
Angered that Dems may work his staff
Makes Bush act a whole lot meana.

“How dare congress challenge my rule!
I’m the sole king of my domain!
Get that subpoena out of my face!
That microphone brings disdain.

There’s no reason we have to talk
Into dirty microphones under oath.
Telling lies is what we do best….
Why do my lips have sores and growths?

So get that subpoena outta my face
And keep it away from my staff!
Any infections that the truth may bring
May cause an impeachable rash!"


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