Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Turdblossom and Weh

Turdblossoms* and Weh

(Revelations from the McClatchy News service that New Mexico GOP chair Alan Weh contacted the White House (Karl Rove*) to remove Federal DA David Iglesias for partisan reasons)
By Mark Lysgaard

New Mexico has an electric cushion

Just right for the GOP chair.

It fits the fanny of Alan Weh

It’s shocking to hear him swear.

Back in ’06 before the mid terms

Weh wanted dirt on the Dems.

But no scandals to pursue from the DA

No means to justify those ends.

But then the call went to the White House

Like a favor to ask the Corleone Don

“Is anything ever going to happen to that guy? [DA]”

The DC voice replied, “He’s gone!”

David Iglesias was doing his job

When he found a pink slip in his box.

Fired for doing non-partisan work

Can you feel the New Mexican shocks?

Would Justice make a sound at all

When it falls and self-implodes?

If Alberto sits on the rule of law,
Will we hear the flush of commodes?

The shocks from the GOP chair

Produced fissures in the White House wall.

Eight more attorneys also gone

Can you hear the sound of justice fall?

How deep in the White House wall

Will the fissures go to make it sway?

Deep inside we can smell the foul odor

Of Turdblossom and Alan Weh.


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