Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Who?

Don Who?

(Don Imus’ recent racist comments toward the Rutgers women’s basketball team got Don a two week suspension from CBS Radio. Apparently CBS doesn’t know what a pink slip looks like…)

By Mark Lysgaard


Don Imus got the word

That he’s needing to change his name.

Something that fits his toilet mouth

That fills the air with shame.

Shall he change it to Bill Bennett

And the Black babies Bill wanted aborted?

Or should he change it to Michael Richards

And the potty mouth he freely sorted?

The poor white man with the microphone

Who is oppressed each on air hour,

Has to vent his anger towards

Those who have less power?

Perhaps Don, Bill, and Michael

Ann Coulter, John Gibson, and Rush

Should all change their name to Don Anus

So we can hear their ratings flush.


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