Monday, April 09, 2007

E-Trail of Tears

E-Trail of Tears

(The White House has not been keeping e-mail records on their correspondences on the government server which is a violation of the Presidential Papers Act.)

By Mark Lysgaard


Deep inside the White House west wing,

You won’t find bread crumbs on the floor.

Messages left on how to get around

Are no longer apparently stored.

The Presidential Records Act

That requires that records be kept

Has disappeared like bird breadcrumbs

No tissues as justice wept.

No government e-mail server used

By the White House by day or night.

No way to issue subpoenas;

No evidence to possibly indict.

So now we the people must issue subpoenas

To the RNC’s server of web mail,

Unless Bush claims executive privilege

Preventing the guilty from going to jail.


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