Monday, April 16, 2007

Going Going Gonzalez under Oath
(Alberto Gonzalez will testify tomorrow under oath about the firing of federal prosecutors. A possible scenario of how things go down)
By Mark Lysgaard

To my knowledge I don’t recollect
Whether or not I mis-spoke.
The words I used may be inoperative
When I talk sometimes I choke.

I may not have meant what I really meant to say...
How those attorneys wound up fired.
So many decisions in so many ways...
My memory gets incredibly tired.

Sorry about those lost e-mails.
It’s unfortunate we can’t produce.
I’d give you more rope, but I don’t want to hang
My neck in the factual noose.

So Senator let me finally say
I really don’t recall what I said.
“That’s not good enough!” exclaimed Leahy
“We’re sick of the lies we’re fed!!”


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