Thursday, April 05, 2007

Head Scarf Pelosi

Head Scarf Pelosi

(Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria has the Right-wingers up in arms because of negotiating for Israel because of the possible US attack on Iran and the possible response by Israel.)

By Mark Lysgaard


In an act of defiance

From Right-wing reliance

House speaker Nancy went to Syria.

It’s obviously a ploy

For Dems to destroy

Our reputation with a Liberal conspiria.

How dare the House Speaker

Defy the White House leaker

And visit Syria’s President Assad!

Only the G.O.P

From the land of the free

Can travel for covert ops and facades.

And why was she wearing

A head scarf and sharing

Diplomatic memes beyond ’08?

A note from Israel

For talks without fail

And quash violence before it’s too late.

But the Right-wing meme

Is to attack her scarf scheme,

How can she wear a burka that wants to oppress?

How dare she wear

This fashion scare;

She's an American who's just hated I guess...

So scarfs on to Pelosi

Instead of our Bela Legosi*

For making the trip to negotiate.

For the future event

Our next president

Will put diplomacy high above hate.

*apologies to Bela Legosi and family for associating him with the horrific characters played by President Bush.


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