Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Partial Bush Appointments

The Partial Bush Appointments
Reflections on the Supreme Court 5-4 decision today to outlaw dilation and extraction or what the Right-wing likes to call “Partial birth” of a fetus in the third trimester even if it would save the mother’s life.
By Mark Lysgaard

Six years ago we talked about
Planned Presidenthood’s sudden creation.
An organization designed to kill
Democracy through demarcation.

Born from the court of trial and error,
A bastard child had emerged.
Like Damien an Omen would soon unfold
As religion and state converge.

Pay back ensued for the religious Right
As two vacancies in the court transpired.
Roberts and Alito would soon be the twins
Like two Right-wing babies for hire.

The Constitution is not RIGHT.
Inalienable rights do not exist
Prove to us that you have the right
Your guilty first on our list.

The partial Bush appointments contend
That a woman’s life does not matter.
A woman who chooses to protect herself
Is a notion the courts will not flatter.

So as we sit through Planned Presidenthood
And the abominations of which are born,
More partial Bush appointments persist
As the Constitutions lays tattered and torn.


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