Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Political Zoo

The Political Zoo
By Mark Lysgaard

There’re chicken hawks
Where war wimps walk
And young fogies for Uncle Sam.
There’re yellow streakers
And war stock seekers
And weasels who run the land.

There’re Supreme Court villians
With rules they're shillin'
By presiding over laws with their gavels.
There’re big loan sharks
That swim in the dark
And eat anything in their wake that travels.

There're paranoid geeks
And the Fox herd sheep
And those xenophobic vitriolics.
See the scaredy cats
And all the sewer rats
And those K Street alcoholics.

There are low life vermin
Under rocks they're squirmin'
And talking heads who don’t have a clue.
There're pachyderms
With money concerns.
You’ll find them all at the political zoo!


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