Saturday, April 28, 2007

Randall's Scandals

Randall’s Scandal
Randall Tobias’ recent resignation as US Deputy under secretary of State and US Foreign Assistance and administrator of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) resigned after revelations that he was a client of Jean Palfrey’s prostitution and racketeering ring. You go Randall!!
By Mark Lysgaard


Another Bushie just just got burned
After the DC Madam moaned.
Randall Tobias’s name turned up
On Jeanne Palfrey’s phone.

The DC Madam’s prostitution ring
Kept ringing all kinds of numbers.
Randall answered for a nice massage
His job keeps him encumbered.

As ambassador to USAID
And the one known as the "AID’s Czar"
He told third world kids to refrain from sex
Unless you’re in Randall’s car.

Abstinence should be your Third World goal
So you don’t allow your virtue robbed.
Unless you’re in Randall’s hotel room
For a three hundred dollar job.

So the "AIDs Czar" is on his way out
Resigning for “personal reasons.”
More loyal Bushies burn to the ground
This is the indictment season.


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