Monday, April 09, 2007

Regents for God

Regent’s for God

(new revelations have emerged that the Pat Robertson “law” school Regent University is responsible for filling numerous positions in the Department of Justice*)

By Mark Lysgaard


Do you have what it takes

To ascend into the DOJ*?

Are you a Regent’s Law School grad?

The school that singles out gays.

The school is founded by Pat Robertson,

A law school for the law of God.

Now it’s the school that sends their grads

To the DOJ for legal facades.

Do you have faith you will remember

The context the Constitution affords?

Not if your Goodling pleading the Fifth

And praying to her Right-wing lord.

And how about Rachel Paulose

Minnesota’s new DOJ…

Let’s pray she follows the Constitution’s

Secular and legal ways.

Regents has 150 attorneys

Working for the DOJ.

Will Congress challenge the Patriot Act?

Is theocracy underway?


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