Monday, April 02, 2007

Strolling in the Dark

Strolling in the Dark
(On John McCaine’s comments that things are improving in Iraq and it’s “like a stroll through the park.”)
By Mark Lysgaard

Senator McCain
Was heard to Refrain,
“Things are much safer right now in Iraq”
I just take some asprin
When the neighbors are blastin
Their boom boxes that keep talking back.

Outside the green zone
Is a lot like my home
With a white picket fence and a yard.
Just duck your head under
The Black Hawks of thunder
I'm safe with body armor and guards.

My hummer I’ll park it
By a fruit stand market
For figs, pears, and pineapple grenades.
Paradise is good
In the neighborhood
Walk with me amidst sirens and raids...

It’s a beautiful day
The neighbors will say.
In the magic kingdom we call Iraq.
Like strolling in the dark
Or swimming with sharks
Our progress keeps us right on track!”


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