Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Ticking Time Bombs

The Ticking Time Bombs
By Mark Lysgaard

Thirty three hundred bombs have gone off.
Thirty three hundred of us are gone.
But those who come back with PTSD*
Could be our next domestic time bombs.

The time bombs were built in unemployed cities
And programmed with a catalogue of lies.
They were sent as alarm clocks out to destroy
Other time bombs, it’s no surprise.

Each rotating tour that keeps sending them back
Compounds their anger and fears.
Is the mission to never come back?
Never pay for the trauma we hear??

But for those us who return in tact.
Whose bodies aren’t physically gone,
Will still have the memories bottled up inside
As potential walking time bombs.

But the neo-Cons who profit from the disaster
And their war stocks that readily soared,
Say the time bombs returning are not their problems
They chose to enlist in a war.

So the ticking continues as time goes by
And it gets louder as they return back.
Shouldn’t we diffuse the ticking time bombs
Before America looks like Iraq?

*Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


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