Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tillman and the Tetra-Hydra

Tillman and the Tetra-Hydra
By Mark Lysgaard

Like any normal schizophrenic
With all the voices the patient hears,
The giant bully like a tetra hydra
Tries to hide behind lies and smears.

The DOD and the military brass
Like the brave new cowardly liars,
Sought to hide the Tillman truth
About his death from friendly fire.

The Brass had the balls to lie up front
And continued to cover and fabricate,
That the death of Pat was a heroic tale
Not the truth the tetra hydra hates.

With Abu Ghraib hitting the press
And Tillman’s ill fated demise.
Found the political winds storming down
The ugly tetra-hydra lies.

"Do not inhale all that bad press news
And do not destroy oil wells.
Pat Tillman’s death will also pass!"
Says the monster ringing more bells.

But one of the monster’s necks is exposed
In the Senate for public outrage,
Until the monster creates more chaos
And the public keeps turning the page.


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