Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tim Russert Potato Head

Tim Russert Potato Head
Earlier this month, Tim Russert failed to point out that Oren Hatch lied to Tim on his show about US DA Carol Lam and why she was fired. Tim failed to point out that Oren lied to him on national TV.
By Mark Lysgaard

From talking head to potato head
Tim Russert plays head games.
When we peel back
The elusive facts,
Tim has no Right-wing shame.

How do you like your Tim Russert potato?
How do you like your news served?
Scalloped or fried?
Reporting who lied?
But never asking key questions with nerve.

Should we boil the Tim Russert potato?
So he goes after pathological liars??
Mashed or baked
For Heaven’s sake,
Ask the questions of those who conspire.

Besides the crimes Mr. Potato avoids,
There’s a diet of question he already bought.
This whipped mashed potato
On the TV or radio
Doesn’t serve us much food for thought!


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