Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New Neo-Conquests

New Neo-Conquests

(Where the president really vacations)

By Mark Lysgaard


What do you get a president

Who takes flights of fancy in style?

A White House boat in an ocean of greed?

Or a polluted river called Denial?

He travels to Never Never Land

And Oz and the Emerald City.

Will Willy Wonka be assassinated

And replaced by Gordon Liddy?

The pres is eyeing Lego Land

For a permanent occupation.

Disneyland may soon be next

For Mickey’s annexation.

Candy Land and Chocolate City

Will be taken in covert ops.

“Do not destroy your chocolate wells

Or your caramel rivers will be stopped!”

And then Boardwalk and Park Place

Will soon be under the president’s thumb.

Let’s just hope that the medics arrive

With Thorazine to keep him numb.


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