Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The War Czar

The War Czar

(Bush’s popularity numbers continue to plummet as he wants to create a new cabinet position for someone who can shift the blame away from Dubya and his illegal policy to invade Iraq.)

By Mark Lysgaard


Bush is taking applications

For a brand new cabinet position.

It’s a job that becomes the magnet

Of Dubya’s bad war decisions.

Who can take the heat off Bush

From burning near and far?

“I know,” Bush said in the mirror,

“I’ll find me a War Czar!”

“Who shall be my new War Czar?

Bill Bennett’s been a czar before.

Or maybe I’ll ask Don Imus soon.

He may need a job for sure.

Or Tony Snow could be promoted

He’d love it for sure or maybe.

As long as I don’t have to hug

My brand new War Czar baby.

Mirror, mirror I’m against the wall

Give me some kind of sign.”

“OK,” the mirror stared back and said,

“But first you must resign!”


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