Thursday, April 19, 2007

What is this Place?

What is this Place?
A question that Alberto Gonzalez and others in the administration may be asking themselves.
By Mark Lysgaard

Around the bend and above the law,
There’s a slippery slope of water pitfalls.
There are fuzzy lines
And legal land mines.
It’s where power and wealth try to stall.

It’s a grey place without the grey matter.
It's where blame is like a bar of wet soap.
Trying to handle
The slippery scandals
Is like holding lather without enough rope.

It’s a place where falsehoods tend intersect
Inoperative statements by those who misspoke.
It’s fuzzy recalls
When memory stalls
It’s sweating bullets with blank look folks.

It’s testifying inside the House
Where there are no chutes and ladders.
No trap doors
In wall or floors
Only pardons that may come by the Mad Hatter.


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