Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Whoren Hatch Hates the Truth

Whoren Hatch Hates the Truth

(Oren Hatch [R] Utah came out and defended the firing of DA prosecutor Carol Lam saying she was never a prosecuting attorney and she was a campaign manager for the Clinton campaign. These lies were debunk and Oren very quietly redacted his statement)

By Mark Lysgaard


There’s a street corner where he stands

In his hateful Whoren Hatch attire.

He’s from Utah

I think we saw

How the truth was screwed by this liar.

Whoren Hatch who was overheard

To say Carol Lam should be fired.

She’s no prosecutor

But a Clinton recruiter

Who was partisan before she was hired.

But the truth came out after getting screwed

And filed charges against Whoren Hatch

Who quietly recanted

The truth was slanted

By Whoren’s lies that Russert let us catch.

It must be some kind of social disease

That Whoren Hatch likes to spread.

With protection

From his infections

The truth once again winds up dead!


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