Friday, May 11, 2007

Blair Leaves the Lair

Blair Leaves the Lair
Mark Lysgaard

We talked last year
And made things clear
About the Bush Office of Managing Blair.
Now Blair will leave
And Bush will receive
A power vacuum with nothing to spare.

The Coalition of the Willing
Is quickly shrinking from the killing,
But looking for a new partner to share.
The gross neglect
Saw Blair defect
From Dubya’s paper tiger’s lair.

As Blair steps down
From scandals that abound,
Bush continues his paper tiger roar.
We should all heed well
That the path to Hell
Is paved by Yes men dressed as whores.

If Blair really was the labor leader
With policies found in no labor reader,
Who should be the next prime minister?
Calling all pagers
Where is John Majors?
Or someone who is somehow less sinister.


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