Friday, May 04, 2007

The Classified Class of Lies

The Classified Class of Lies
Sen. Dick Durban (D) IL. On the Senate Intelligence Committee as a minority member when the Republicans had control of the House. Durban had the epiphany to recently tell the American people that he was sworn to secrecy about the aluminum tubes as questionable to being used to make nuclear weapons, and the false information that was sold to the American people.
By Mark Lysgaard

In a class all by himself
Dick Durban had an epiphany.
The aluminum tubes
That lit the war fuse
Will forever live in infamy.

Durban was sworn as a minority member
To never reveal the facts.
Aluminum tubes
Another big ruse
To cover the Bush tracks.

Now Durban is being smeared by the pugs
For revealing what he should not have said.
He’s no longer silent
To hide the violence
Of lies that we the people were fed.

The fourth estate in their corporate trenches
Has decided to also remain quiet.
With so many scandals,
How do they handle
The truth that may lead to riots?

So how is it that We the People
Who elect others like us,
Would be taken
By the profit makin’
President of in war we trust?


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