Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dying to Make a Living

Dying to Make a Living
By Mark Lysgaard

The ad rang out from coast to coast
Televising the latest positions.
Don’t be nervous!
Join the arm service
For a dry drunk’s bad decisions.

The crest of the televised ads hit hard
In small towns and inner cities.
While the investor class
Saw their stocks rise fast
And the MIC* sitting safe and pretty.

Special effects of G.I. Joes in actions
From the Madison Avenue Ad firms.
Like a lure in the water
Hooking kids for slaughter
In an occupation we haven’t learned.

That’s one way to reduce the inner city poor
While Madison Avenue keeps on giving.
When our kids don’t return,
Are we surprised to learn
That they’re just dying to make a living?

*Military Industrial Complex


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