Thursday, May 03, 2007

Homeland Security TV

Homeland Security TV
By Mark Lysgaard

I thought I saw the latest threat
On Homeland Security TV.
It pre-empt all stations
With fear sensations;
Trepidation for you and me.

Something strange flashed on my screen
For much less than half a second.
Amidst prime time,
Could it be a crime?
Like a strobe that suddenly beckoned?

It happened again during the nightly news;
Between Bob Schieffer and Lou Dobbs.
One more sudden flash
That gave me a rash.
What is this image that curiosity robs?

So I taped the nightly news one night
To capture this instant flash.
Was it real news?
A flashing cue??
Or just subliminal mental trash.

There he was between Bob and Lou
As I hit pause on my TV screen.
It was Mr. Rogers,
But no draft dodger.
Was this the fear to bring me bad dreams?

But as I advanced the picture frame by frame,
Like a news hound chasing a gopher…
The smile on Fred
Made me shake with dread
As he put shoe bombs in loafers.


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